The Hunt for Unique Solutions

The Hunt for Unique Solutions

As our tagline says, wherever you are in life, there’s LifeCare. The whole LifeCare team takes this creed very seriously and is dedicated to assisting with all of the life needs of our clients. While we tackle many different kinds of requests every day, this is a story about a very unique ask and how one Lifer rose to the challenge.

One of our clients regularly plans activities for their employees to encourage team building. They reached out to us and asked that we create a scavenger hunt for an upcoming team meeting they’re hosting in New York City. While there are companies and websites that provide tailored scavenger hunts for pay or provide general tips on how to create one, these services would have added costs and burdened our client with most of the work.

Erica PurdyWithout hesitation, Daily Needs Researcher Erica Purdy took on this unique request and began creating events from scratch. Erica put in hours of work researching and planning, not one, but two adventurous and exciting scavenger hunts. She created The Big Apple Adventure, which focused on teams earning points for landmarks, sights and objects that can be found around town, and the NYC Famous Movie & Television Spots hunt that awarded points for visiting famous landmarks featured in movies and television in Manhattan.

We submitted the two scavenger hunts to our client and they were thrilled. They were so impressed with the final products that they sent Erica a personal thank you. This is just one example of how Erica and the LifeCare team go above and beyond for our clients. Erica took on this unique challenge and used her resourcefulness and creativity to turn it into a successful, tailored solution for our client.

Unique Solutions“Erica exemplifies our Daily Needs department’s commitment not just to meet, but to exceed the member’s expectations,” said Loren Beaudoin, Erica’s manager and LifeCare Team Lead, Operations. “She thinks creatively and puts in the extra effort to find out-of-the box solutions.”

Erica has been a Daily Needs Researcher with LifeCare for almost five years. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Paier College of Art with a Bachelor of Arts degree and she often relies on her creative background to find unique solutions for the LifeCare clients she supports. Way to go, Erica!

Erica’s story is just one example of how the whole LifeCare team strives to design and provide innovative solutions. Every day we work to respond to each of our client’s unique business needs and the needs their employees face. To learn more about our Custom Solutions, or our vast suite of services, contact us here or call us at (866) 675-3751.