Why Employees Need Flexible Backup Care Choices

Why Employees Need Flexible Backup Care Choices

Not all backup care programs are created equal.

Some programs offer only child care solutions, for example, overlooking the vast number of employees who shoulder elder care responsibilities. Other programs fail to provide self-care and pet care solutions, and many programs offer little to no flexibility regarding copay amounts and the number of times employees can use the benefit in a given period.

One of the most significant shortcomings of many backup care programs concerns placement restrictions: employees are encouraged to place their loved ones into specific centers or with specific in-network providers. In other words, employees aren’t given an option to choose their backup caregivers … And that can feel downright scary.

Flexible Options Maximize Choice and Peace of Mind
The main purpose of a backup care program is to keep employees on the job and productive—even when their regular care arrangements break down. Backup care programs give employees confidence and peace of mind precisely because of the choices and options they provide. When employees are encouraged to use only centers that are owned or operated by the backup care program provider itself, or that are strictly in the provider’s network, it actually undermines the purpose and effectiveness of the program, i.e. they may be less comfortable using the program and opt instead to miss work.

Flexible Options Maximize Choice and Peace of Mind

A strong backup care program offers employees a wide array of choices among vetted, high-quality caregivers (both center-based and in-home caregivers, as well as those who are in and out of the network) along with the option to use their own privately secured caregiver, such as a babysitter, friend or even family member to provide care. This unbiased, flexible program model has quickly gained favor because many employees feel far more comfortable leaving children, elders and pets with caregivers they know and trust.

The connection between flexible options and peace of mind has been made clear again and again by feedback LifeCare has received over the years from our clients’ employees and our clients themselves. Here are just a few examples (with the individual’s confidentiality maintained):

  • “I always prefer to have my family help me with backup care. They know my children, how they eat and how I want them disciplined.”
  • “Great to be able to use a trusted person who my kids know and who is familiar with their routine.”
  • “I really like the flexibility of using the friends and family option. It makes the transition to work very easy when you have family helping you out.”
  • “The flexibility (of your program) gets our employees to work with peace of mind.”

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