Featured Friday: Meet Tania R.

Featured Friday: Meet Tania R.

Tania has over 10 years of child care experience, working with families and children of all ages. She started off as a counselor’s aide and worked her way up to the position of site director for a before and after school program. Tania received her associates degree in Human Services and knew from a very young age that her purpose was to help people in need, just like she knew from her very first day at LifeCare that working as a backup care specialist was where she belonged. She currently lives in Shelton, CT and her hobbies include practicing massage therapy, finding new trails to hike, being with family and trying new foods.

Q: When a member calls, what is the first thing you ask?
A: I start by thanking the member for contacting LifeCare and then ask them how I can help with their backup care needs.

Q: How do you approach each call?
A: I approach each call with understanding and trying to sympathize with the situation they’re going through. I also focus on being a good listener and assure them that they are in good hands.

Q: What is your goal for each case?
A: My goal is to make sure each member is happy they called us, to make sure they know we are here for them in a potentially stressful time and that we are working diligently to get them the solution that they need.

Q: What are some memorable cases you’ve worked on?
A: The most memorable cases for me are when a member calls and when they fully understand what we do, they’re shocked and so thankful for the support. When they request care and we’re able to help them, some members are in disbelief. I’ve had members say how amazing we are and hearing them be so ecstatic over the phone, I can’t help but smile and get excited with them.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: Helping members when situations are tough and knowing I’m responsible for some of their stress relief.

Q: How do you connect with the members you help?
A: I like to speak to the member in a friendly, professional way.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know if LifeCare can help them?
A: I’d say that each team is equipped with specialists and researchers who are dedicated and knowledgeable and that our teams are capable of helping anyone in any situation no matter how unique.

Q: In your opinion, what makes your role/team so special?
A: My role is very special because needing backup care can be sudden and unexpected. Children wake up sick, babysitters call out, child care and life in general is just full of surprises. That’s when our backup care specialists are there. We try to make a stressful situation into a non-stressful one. When there is a bump in the road, we want to make sure our members can focus on the important things that they need to do. Making children happy and making parents happy is what’s important to us. That is why backup care is so special!