Featured Friday: Meet Samantha I.

Featured Friday: Meet Samantha I.

Samantha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and her Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management from the University of Bridgeport. She started temping with LifeCare and decided to apply for a permanent position because she loves helping people. She started out on the Daily Needs team and transitioned to Financial Hardship. Samantha enjoys all things Harry Potter, horror movies and taking the family dog out to play – pretty much all of the time.

Q: How do you approach research?
A: I approach research differently every time because each case is so unique. There are a few key factors that never change for me. These include dissecting the case before researching, trying to start with a source that will be all encompassing if the member has several needs and always asking for help from my team if I am stuck for too long.

Q: Why is finding the right match for the members so important?
A: For me, it’s important to find a right match for the member because I don’t want them to walk away feeling like they have to do more work. This is also important to me because in some cases, members are living in their car in Florida on a hot summer day – so finding them shelter means the world to me.

Q: What is your goal for each case?
A: My goal for each case is to find a solution for the member that meets their needs, to ensure the member doesn’t walk away feeling more overwhelmed after the case is closed and educating the member to the best of my ability.

Q: What are some memorable cases you’ve worked on?
A: A case that I’ll never forget was an ASAP I took for a member who had a son that was expected to get out of rehab in a few days. The member didn’t know how she was going to get her son to and from his outpatient program without having to take substantial amounts of time off from work. Her son couldn’t take public transportation as a result of his recent diagnosis. She came to LifeCare to help her find low cost transportation for her son, to and from his treatment.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: The best part of my job is when I’ve been searching for resources for a member for what seems like forever and then at the 11th hour, I finally find a resource that I think is going to be a great match. I also have to say that the other best part of my job is the people I work with.

Q: How do you work with your team as a whole?
A: I’d say I work with my team extremely well. I love to help others and my team loves to help out as well, so it’s a great match. We get each other through tough days.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know if LifeCare can help them?
A: I’d tell the individual to trust in us because we have several teams with different niches, so you’d be surprised at what we can find.

Q: In your opinion, what makes your role/team so special?
A: In my opinion, the Financial Hardship Team is special because at times it would appear that we are their last hope and to be a part of helping that person or family is beyond humbling, as well as rewarding.

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