Featured Friday: Meet Oliwia K.

Featured Friday

Oliwia has over seven years of experience in the child care field. As a Parenting and Education Researcher she is responsible for researching and referring resources for members in areas such as child care, education, adoption and special needs. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. Oliwia currently resides in Berlin, CT with her husband and beloved golden retriever, Lacey. She enjoys cooking for her family and looks forward to weekend getaways to the beach.

Q: How do you approach research?
A: I treat each case as if I’m searching for something for myself or my family. I put myself in the member’s shoes to try to locate the best possible resources and solutions, and do not stop until I do.

Q Why is finding the right matches for the members so important?
A: Finding the right match for each member request is so important because you realize that some people simply do not have the time or resources available to search for solutions or resources themselves, and we may be their only option for help.

Q: What is your goal for each case?
A: My goal for each case is finding the best possible solution or match for each member’s unique needs.

Q: What are some memorable cases you’ve worked on?
A: I remember working on a case for a member of the military who was looking for on base child care. I was having a difficult time locating resources due to the secure nature of military bases. I ended up turning to my co-workers and made some phone calls to local agencies in the member’s area and was able to find him resources for his child. It felt very rewarding when this member wrote me a letter thanking me for the research I had done.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: The best part of this job is receiving feedback from members stating how appreciative they are of all the hard work we have done.

Q: How do you work with your team as a whole?
A: My entire team is fantastic! We help and support each other whenever someone is stuck and unable to locate resources. There has never been a time where a member of my team was unwilling to assist me.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know if LifeCare can help them?
A: The advice that I would give someone who doesn’t know if Lifecare can help them is that we are always available if they need us. One of the best qualities of this company is we will work hard to find the best possible match.

Q: In your opinion, what makes your role/team so special?
A: In my opinion what makes my team so special is our ability to empathize with each member’s circumstance and situation. We’re always here to help our members.

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