LifeMart Rave Rewards

Recognize & Reward Your Employees

As an ADP Comprehensive Services client, you have access to the LifeMart Rave Rewards program* which offers rapid, flexible and discounted rewards for employees.


Easily reward employees for:

  • Years of service
  • On the spot recognition
  • Holiday bonuses
  • Employee corporate recognition
  • Birthdays
  • Team performance

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Employees can redeem their reward from brands like:

HiltonAMC AmazingThe Lion KingWalt Disney WorldAmazon Gift Card+ Many More

Simply fund your company’s rewards. There are no additional fees to use LifeMart’s Rave Rewards Platform.

The Program is easy to use and benefits both employees and employers. Benefits include:

  • For Employees
  • Choice to redeem reward from thousands of travel and entertainment offers, including theme parks, movie tickets, gift cards, and much more
  • Built in discounts through LifeMart mean employees will get more for their reward
  • Simple selection and purchase process
  • Personalized recognition and appreciation delivered from their employer
  • For Employers
  • No licensing costs or maintenance fees
  • Simple implementation & unlimited reward grantors
  • Generate engagement and visibility for LifeMart, a high value employee benefit
  • Purchase rewards as needed with choice of reward value
  • Personalized note sent to employee with their reward
  • Administrator tracking & reporting

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*Rave Rewards is a partner referral program. Clients will consent and fund directly through LifeCare.