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HERC has partnered with LifeMart to provide offers and discounts on everything faculty, staff, and job seekers need, from apparel and office supplies to computers and travel. As a HERC member institution you have access to LifeMart for FREE!

Direct your faculty, staff, and job seekers to LifeMart for everyday and major purchases, including:

  • Wellness (fitness clubs, diet plans, spas, sports gear, personal care, beauty & skin care, etc.)
  • Family Care (child care, senior care, pet care, education/tutoring, etc.)
  • Parent Deals
  • Travel (flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, vacations, etc.)
  • Electronics (computers, cellphones, electronics, etc.)
  • Restaurants and Dining
  • Tickets (theme parks, concerts, movies, sports, etc.)
  • Apparel (men’s, women’s, kids, jewelry & accessories, etc.)
  • Flowers & Gifts (flowers, gifts, toys, etc.)
  • Home & Auto (furniture & appliances, home décor, home services, automotive, etc.)
  • Financial (credit & legal, home mortgages, etc.)
  • Groceries
  • and more!

As a HERC member institution, you are entitled to SAVE 10% off all products and services from LifeCare.

For over 30 years, LifeCare, a provider of Work Life and Backup Care services, has been saving employees and their families time and money with personal needs such as: child care, senior care, legal and financial issues, personal wellness and everyday responsibilities. By doing so, LifeCare has helped thousands of clients drive down absenteeism and presenteeism while driving up recruiting results, employee retention and loyalty.

Help your faculty and staff with:

  • Child Care & Parenting
  • Adult Care & Caregiving
  • Financial Issues
  • Legal Matters
  • Health & Wellness
  • Everyday Responsibilities
  • Backup Care Connection
  • Professional Care Management Services
  • Homework Connection
  • Mothers at Work
  • LifeCare Kits
  • Seminars/Events
  • Enhanced Legal/Financial Services
  • Stress Free Now
  • Integrated EAP & Work-Life

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