Employee Discount Programs: Hassle-Free Benefit That Packs a Huge Punch

Employee Discount Programs The Hassle-Free Benefit That Packs a Huge Punch

There’s a good reason employers are implementing employee discount programs in record numbers. Actually, there are lots of good reasons:

It’s no wonder companies are scrambling to adopt employee discount programs that help employees save money and stretch their hard-earned dollars.

Why Employers Love Discounts as Much as Employees
High-quality employee discount programs give access to local and national money-saving deals (often negotiated specifically for the program’s users) on a wide range of products and services including groceries and restaurants, furniture and appliances, cell phones, televisions and electronics, school supplies and tuition, child care and senior care—even big-ticket items like cars and homes.

Obviously, employees love discount programs because they can save money literally every day, whether they’re buying necessities, luxury items or dealing with unplanned expenses such as auto and home repairs. In addition, as noted in the John Hancock survey mentioned above, employees actually look to their employers for financial help and guidance, so an employer-sponsored discount program is a real advantage in terms of attracting and retaining talent.

Employers, on the other hand, love employee discount programs because they’re inexpensive to implement, they help to differentiate the company’s voluntary benefit offerings and they can be a powerful draw for younger talent who often are watching their pennies carefully.

If you’re wondering about the results a top-shelf discount program can deliver, LifeCare’s LifeMart discount program, for example, saved our clients’ employees $24.7 million on new car purchases, $7.9 million on child care-related purchases and close to $1.5 million on hotel bookings in 2018 alone. In general, LifeMart saved individuals an average of roughly $53 per purchase.

Bottom line, a great employee discount program can save your employees hundreds, even thousands, of dollars ever year. It’s a benefit they can use every day. Plus it costs you nothing to implement, it requires zero effort on your part to manage and it helps you attract and retain talent.

Seriously, what’s not to love?

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