Featured Friday: Meet Raechel M.

Featured Friday

Raechel graduated from Housatonic Community College with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. She joined the LifeCare team in 2018 as a Daily Needs Researcher and then moved to the Financial Hardship team where she locates resources to help those who are experiencing financial crises. Raechel currently lives in Naugatuck, CT with her son, Nathaniel and she loves to read, write, and binge watch The Office on Netflix.

Q: How do you approach research?
A: Generally, I approach research by evaluating what the member’s situation is and what their request entails. I then determine the appropriate search methods, and provide the member with the resources that will best assist their needs.

Q: Why is finding right matches for the members so important?
A: Finding the right match for each member is important because they are coming to us for help. As a work-life program, it’s we strive to alleviate some of the everyday life stress for our members. When I find the right match, both the member and I feel a sense of relief that their needs have been met.

Q: What is your goal for each case?
A: My goal for each case is to provide the member with as many resources and as much education as possible surrounding their request. As a financial hardship researcher, most of the requests I receive are from members who find themselves in difficult situations. It’s my objective to provide the best possible resources.

Q: What are some memorable cases you’ve worked on?
A: One of the most memorable cases I’ve worked on was for a mother who was living out of her car with her 5-year-old and 3-year-old children. The only thing this mother was asking for was food. I was able to locate a grocery store in the area that allowed you to take a full cart of food in exchange for four hours of volunteering or a small donation. It felt good to know that I was able to locate and provide food for a family who are going through a difficult time.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: The best part of my job, other than being able to help those in need, is being with my team. They are dynamic, intelligent and uplifting to be around. They help push me to be a better version of myself for them, for myself and for our members. It’s comforting to wake up every day and be excited to come to my job, surrounded by like-minded people who share the same values I do when it comes to work.

Q: How do you work with your team as a whole?
A: I love being a part of Financial Hardship team. There is always someone you can reach out to for help. When we have team meetings, it’s refreshing to be surrounded by people who expose others to ideas that can help with productivity and research methods that they may not have thought of on their own. Everyone brings something special to the team.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know if LifeCare can help them?
A: I would tell them it doesn’t ever hurt to try! Sometimes we can find that “diamond in the rough” that helps. We do our best to find the resources that we think can help the member, and even if we don’t find exactly what they’re looking for, we typically know what the best next step is and will nudge them in that direction.

Q: In your opinion, what makes your role/team so special?
A: That we are all cohesive! Everyone really works together to brainstorm what works best for the members. It’s great to be able to collaborate with them day after day!

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