National Employee Wellbeing Month: Supporting Holistic Employee Wellness

National Employee Wellness Month

June is National Employee Wellbeing Month, an opportunity to spotlight the workplace’s role in helping to create healthier, happier employees in all areas of life. Employers that prioritize their employees’ wellbeing with an effective workplace wellness culture are able to cut costs. Added to that, they can also see increases in productivity, engagement, recruitment, retention, and in turn, organizational success.

As we recently examined, holistic employee wellness is more important than ever this year as across the globe employees are being challenged like never before by the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent MetLife Employee Benefits study found 74% of employees stated they are concerned about at least one aspect of their wellbeing as a result of the virus.

The most successful organizations don’t only support physical wellbeing, but also include all aspects of their employees’ lives including emotional health, financial wellness, work-life integration and so on.

In the face of these unexpected changes, uncertainty, stress and hardships, employers can support their workforce by implementing and promoting a comprehensive wellness offering. Here are some employee benefits to consider:

Health & Wellness
From fitness and nutrition to sleep health and smoking cessation, implementing programs providing employees access to tools and resources that boost their physical wellbeing is a no-brainer. A study by the University of Michigan revealed that employers who prioritize wellness can save thousands of dollars per employee every year. An effective wellness program should offer support and guidance to improve one’s health, including discounts on fitness and nutrition resources, as well as, self-service educational resources.

Emotional Wellness
Employee stress is escalating. As noted  by a Korn Ferry survey,  nearly two-thirds of professionals say their stress levels at work are higher than they were five years ago. The MetLife benefits study also found that roughly a third of employees are experiencing stress and/or burnout during the pandemic. Employers can counteract stress levels by offering Employee Assistance Programs to provide access to confidential counseling for both the employee and their household members. It’s also imperative to share emotional health resources and information to help employees improve their emotional health.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness
According to the American Psychological Association money is the top cause of stress in the United States and their Stress in America survey found that 72% of Americans reported feeling stressed about money. Additionally, the recent MetLife study stated 52% of employees said they are concerned about their financial health in the wake of the pandemic. With finances being the number one stressor, now more than ever it’s vital that employees receive the financial guidance that can help them improve their financial wellness so they can reach both short and long term financial goals.

Work-Life Support
Because employees are managing more personal and professional responsibilities, smart employers understand that support for those employees can’t stop at the end of the workday. In fact, MetLife found that amid the pandemic, work and life are blending more than ever before with 2 out of 3 employees feeling more stressed than before the COVID-19 crisis. That’s why top employers are implementing Work-Life programs to help employees manage their needs while saving them time, stress and money. These programs also provide access to informative educational materials and events on a variety of topics that help employees live happier, healthier lives.

By implementing these programs, organizations can ensure their workforce is supported by a well-rounded wellness program. Companies that prioritize their employees’ comprehensive wellness needs will surely have an advantage in optimizing the productivity of their workforce and attracting and retaining top talent.

LifeCare’s high impact, comprehensive services are designed to support employees in all aspects of their lives, improving all facets of wellness so they can be more productive and engaged at work. If you’d like to learn about how we can help you create a holistic wellness program, contact us or call us at 866-675-3751.